fische 4: major release

fische has finally taken the next step, and things really have changed!
For anyone not into the details: git | source | win32 .exe

# fische needs 2-channel 16-bit signed integer audio
sox -d -c2 -b16 -traw - | fische

So what’s new? Most importantly (probably), fische does no longer do any sound recording. This may seem strange, but there are tools – such as sox – which are so much better at reading and converting sound. Therefore, fische will from now on only accept data on stdin. This actually even makes it more flexible. You could do things like

flac -cd song.flac | tee >(/usr/bin/aplay) | fische

Another important change targets the rendering back end. fische now uses OpenGL, which also makes it more flexible. Resizing a fische window is now easily possible, including to fullscreen, while having separated the CPU and RAM demand from the window size.

For established users of fische, it continues to support the –nervous,-n and –fullscreen,-f flags, while having lost other command line options. You can specify the level of detail (resolution) with the –detail,-d flag. Keep in mind that -d3 uses four times the resources of -d2 or 64 times the resources of -d0.

Runtime controls: toggle (f)ullscreen, toggle (n)ervous (esc)ape