fische 4 user guide


There’s a notorious lack of documentation when it comes to running fische. I know that, and this is an attempt to improve.

This is going to be very Linux-specific, as I have close to no knowledge of Windows, and only some of OS-X. I would very much appreciate contributions of people who know.

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fishBMC merged into XBMC

fishBMC has been merged into XBMC and will be part of the next major release for Linux and OS-X. Any download links you may still find on this page are probably outdated. If you would like to see fishBMC in action, you can use a prerelease version of XBMC 13 “Gotham”.

Who got the balls?

I just have to publicly state my complete disappointment with international politicians.

Please, could one – just one – country in this world have enough balls and grant asylum to a whistle-blower who is faced with unjust prosecution in his home country – by the way, a country where murder is a routine form of punishment?

Maybe if I told you this man made an invaluable contribution to maintaining freedom and privacy word-wide?



I recently purchased a NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo for my small home network. Having made the experience that NETGEAR make very good hardware with not-so-good firmware and virtually nonexistent and useless documentation, I had done some prior research and had found out the ReadyNAS is essentially a debian Linux box. Since I also wanted to use the box as a print server, I had also looked for and found a hardware compatibility list that included my printer.

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more wine trouble

Appears I got my hope up too soon (see here) – more trouble was to come. Runtime errors – different from the original one – kept occuring, no matter what winetricks I applied…

Until I finally found out what had gone wrong in the first place: winetricks mfc40 (or mfc42 for that matter) failed to install oleaut32.dll for some unknown reason. After manually unpacking and registering the file, all trouble was gone.

Obviously, I would be interested in why it was possible to fix one of the many errors by just applying a different locale, but I guess I’ll stick to the old never touch a running system rule now…