fische 4 user guide

There’s a notorious lack of documentation when it comes to running fische. I know that, and this is an attempt to improve.

This is going to be very Linux-specific, as I have close to no knowledge of Windows, and only some of OS-X. I would very much appreciate contributions of people who know.

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fische 3.2.0 released

Fische has been improved in many areas:

  • Enhanced beat detection
  • Color changes make sense
  • Drastically improved performance – frame drawing times reduced by up to 40 percent.
  • More readable code
  • Better portability by elimination of pthreads
  • Verbose startup shows a simple animation during calculation of necessary vectorfields
  • Many code optimisations

Here are the download links:    TAR.GZ ZIP

fische: help wanted

I only have very limited access to (and knowledge of) Windows and Mac systems. If you would like to participate (especially in documenting fische for these systems), this would be of great value!
If you are able and willing to help, please contact me: marcel at 26elf dot at, AIM: mayslix