fische 3.1.4 released

– This release of fische not only fixes a few bugs, but also finally includes CPU detection and SMP support for OSs other than Linux.
– An optional “nervous” mode has been implemented, that makes the animation more lively. It is of course a matter of taste, but in my personal opinion, the nervous mode goes well with electronic music, while ruining most other genres. Nervous mode can be specified on the commandline (-e), or toggled at runtime (‘N‘)
– Some experimental vectorfields have been added and may well be discarded again in the future – or enhanced.

Download: tar.gz or zip

fische 3.1.3 released

This release includes support for PortAudio input, as well as binaries for Windows and Mac OS X
Fullscreen switching should now work on all operating systems.
The Windows version still suffers from a minor frame rate problem, which can be worked around using the -s flag.
Download: fische-3.1.3.tar.gz or

experimental Windows and Mac OS-X support for fische!

The latest development version of fische includes PortAudio support, which enables it to run on other operating systems than Linux.

The Windows Version works quite well on Win7 (the only platform i can test on), with minor issues regarding frame rates and fullscreen switching.
If you do not know what a commandline interface is, this is not yet for you.

The OS-X Version runs without complaint on Leopard (again, the only test platform i have available). I had to use SoundFlower though, otherwise fische (like any other program) is unable to tap into the output audio stream.

fische 3.1.2 released

This release features full integration of the predictive beat detection algorithm and many minor enhancements to the animation vectorfields. Get the tarball from here or from the Downloads section.

fische 3.1.1 released

This release finally includes a useful man page, and adds support for a configuration file, which is automatically updated with the last “known good” configuration. Download here or from the Downloads section.

fische 3.0.5 released

Release highlights:
– A new beat detection algorithm has been implemented and delivers more precise results
– Predictive beat detection can be used. This feature is to be considered experimental and is therefore not the default.
– Fische now builds on kfreebsd based systems with alsa emulation.
The tarball is here or in the downloads section – as usual.

fische 3.0.4 released

This release includes an option flag to make the program exit when a mouse button is clicked. This comes in very handy when fische is used on a touchscreen!
On top of that, the README now includes more troubleshooting information, as well as some FAQs. Download from here or from the Download area.